Liberty Landing to Croton-on-Hudson NY

NYC Harbor to the Hudson River May 7

Today was an eventful day on the water.  We got up early – ok *I* got up early and managed to capture another great dawn shot of our Marina. 


We spent time doing laundry at the marina and then set out to navigate through the Harbor and up the Hudson.  My sister kindly provided some background music for the city in the comments – especially appropriate for its nautical theme!

We saw lots of interesting sights, which you can look at in our new Gallery.  Some of the highlights – a shark chased us! Chased_by_Shark_NYC_Harbor_050714

Turned out to be a tour boat. 

Yesterday’s ferry adventure was on a little yellow ferry that just serves Liberty Landing and Liberty Harbor in NJ, across the harbor from Manhattan.  Here’s a NY Waterway ferry that serves a larger area – NJ Waterways is much more active than I realized, it would work for me to live in a pretty NJ town and commute 15 minutes to Manhattan on the ferry!


New Yorkers can still go to the driving range, they just have to do it over the water at Chelsea Pier.


Some smart person figured out they could build condos on abandoned shipping piers.


We passed the Sloop Clearwater which is the embodiment of an environmental advocacy group established by Pete Seeger in the ’60s.  Pretty cool organization that I had not heard of before.


I’ve driven over the George Washington bridge many times, but had no idea that there was a lighthouse at its base!


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