Baltimore Waterfront

IceCreamOff to a slow start. Susan decided that with the really nice laundry facilities at Anchorage Marina ($2 wash $2 dry) that she would do a quick load of towels. I hit the Safeway and Ace hardware for some forgotten items. Both the Safeway and Ace are on the level of “if you don’t have it, you don’t need it”. Clerk at Ace was great, I had three items and I got excellent help finding them. There is also a West Marine near by, but being on a Looper budget I passed on going in.

We had decided that lunch today would be one of our favorites Fogo de Chao in Baltimore’s inner Harbor. It’s 90 minutes of food indulgence from the salad bar, to so much meat, and there is my favorite the sweet and hot bacon. Bread are little Brazilian styled popovers. So much great food!

We did walk around the inner harbor some, past all of the shopping, the aquarium and the Coast Guard Lightship Chesapeake. But all that food and shopping, along with the haze made us decide to get back to the Quo Vadimus.

Our goal was to have “ice cream for dinner” at BMore Licks a Baltimore favorite. There was rain predicted for 5PM and rather than risk being out in the rain we decided to wait.

The rain came in buckets!! With the boat being under cover, we’ve not been subject to heavy rains. Prior trips have been mostly fair weather or light rain across week long trips. We noticed some minor leaks (around the flybridge door, and coming out of the salon speaker) that we’ll need to do some research on.

A little after 7 the rain stopped and we started on the 5 block walk. The rain had taken both the heat and the Canadian smoke out of the air. We went along a tree lined street that had some really nice row homes. Fancy doors, some window box planters, even a toddler swing from one of the trees. A very pleasant walk.

BMore Licks has a huge selection of both softserve with flavors but also hand dipped hard ice cream. Susan went for the banana cream pie (it even had chunks of vanilla wafers) and butter pecan. I went for chocolate cherry and peanut butter and Oreo. Everybody was happy with their choices.


So ends another huge food day. While I’d like to think that the walking is offsetting some of these calories, I have my doubts.

Friday 30 June 2023