Lots of new videos starting with 10/23/14.  If you notice a broken link please let us know!


12/8/14 Anchorage off Pine Key to Tavernier FL – winter dock
We left near sunrise and finally arrived in our winter home at Tavernier FL just below Key Largo.

12/7/14 Marco Island FL to anchorage off Pine Key
Leaving in a fog, we had a fairly rough and windy day through to our anchorage off Pine Key.  Big
plus – we saw several sea turtles along the way!

12/6/14 Marco Island Christmas Boat Parade
A little blurry, but you can see some of the wonderful lighting that the boats in the Christmas Parade

12/6/14 Sanibel Island FL to Marco Island FL
On a calm, bright day we left a beautiful place and arrived at a beautiful place.

12/5/14 Sarasota FL to Sanibel Island FL
Set out at dawn from Sarasota through a mostly beautiful day.  The clouds look low enough to
touch from the fly bridge.  Arrived in rain at Sanibel Island, where we had dinner with old friends.

12/4/14 Bradenton FL to Sarasota FL
Leaving pretty Bradenton, we travelled to Sarasota – a busy city port, where we met special friends
in their home city.

12/3//14 Dunedin FL to Bradenton FL
Another day enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine.  We traveled down the intracoastal waterway to
Bradenton.  Passed through Treasure Island on the way – Mom check out at about 3:50 to 4:20

11/29/14 Apalachicola FL to Dunedin FL – overnight crossing
Our longest every trip – we left the morning of the 29th and arrived the morning of the 30th.  There’s
a very pretty sunset with the lights of the boats we are passing to our right, and then sunrise in the

11/19/14 Dolphins!
Our dolphin buddies accompany us on this full fledged video

11/19/14 Panama City FL to Apalachicola FL
Beautiful day that started out cold and was the perfect temperature at the end of the day.  We
passed through a lake with what must have been thousands of ducks, which took flight at our
approach.  We also passed a house floating downriver – can you spot it?

11/16/14 Destin FL to Panama City FL
Left Destin at dawn and saw lots of dolphins again!  There was mixed weather throughout the trip
and we came into Panama City with brisk winds.

11/15/14 Orange Beach FL to Destin FL
A pretty day as we travel from Orange Beach FL to Destin FL.  We saw lots of dolphins along the

11/8/14 Fairhope AL to Orange Beach FL
Leaving on a calm day, we entered the Gulf intracoastal waters and travel through some beautiful
vacation housing, ending up in Florida.

11/6/14 Tensaw River AL to Fairhope AL
Finally out of the ditch!  It started out as a grey day, and after we made our way through Mobile
harbor it turned silvery – you can hardly tell the sky from the water.  Went straight into the haul out at
our dock in Fairhope.

11/5/14 Bobby’s Fish Camp AL to Tensaw River AL
All these river trips are long – this day started and ended cloudy but there are some pretty

11/4/14 Demopolis to Bobby’s Fish Camp
One of our longest days, starting before a beautiful dawn and ending nearly at sunset at the famous
Bobby’s Fish Camp.  Our looper friends on Mara Beel rafted with us for the night.

11/3/14 Warsaw Cutoff  MS to Demopolis AL
Another misty morning and another long day.  We finished at Demopolis Alabama, where we
stopped for fuel before heading to our dock.

11/2/14 Columbus MS to Warsaw Cutoff Tenn Tom
A long day starting with a misty morning and a weedy lock.  We traveled down the twisty Tenn
Tombigbee waterway to a beautiful anchorage at Warsaw Cutoff.

10/31/14 Midway to Columbus MS
Starting out at foggy dawn, we rode with several companion boats through three locks. At the end
you will see us arriving in very windy weather at Columbus which is choked with waterweeds

10/30/14 Bay Springs to Midway
A longer day with three locks. We traveled all day with 2 sailboats

10/29/14 Grand Harbor to Bay Springs MS
Grand Harbor to Bay Springs MS (short trip) – A bright and calm day, we entered “the ditch” – the
Tombigbee Waterway

10/27/14 Pickwick Landing to Grand Harbor MS
We made a super short hop to the marina we had intended to stay out the day before, but were
unable to reach in the darkness.

10/26/14 Clifton TN to Pickwick Landing
Clifton to Pickwick Lake state park (after dark) – This beautiful day started with lots of fog. We waited in Clifton until the fog had cleared somewhat and then set out.

10/25/14 Pebble Isle to Clifton TN
Another beautiful day and the scenery keeps on getting better. The river narrows and you can see more of the banks. Our travel days are still quite long

10/24/14 Paris Landing state Park to Pebble Isle TN
A pretty day where we started to see some of the scenery the area is known for. We made a stop
for lunch and anchored just off the channel to enjoy some fishing before moving on to

10/23/14 Green Turtle Bay, KY to Paris Landing TN
Not much happening in this video, although you have a good view of Green Turtle Bay in the
beginning and a good one of Paris Landing State Park at the end

10/8/14 Lock 52 to Green Turtle Bay  A beautiful day on the Ohio and Cumberland rivers brought us, along with our flotilla of seven, to Green Turtle Bay just at sunset.

10/7/14 Little Diversion to Lock 52  After a calm and peaceful evening at Little Diversion, we continue on our way with the flotilla to our next anchorage.  If you watch closely you can see the water change when we move from the muddy Mississippi to the green waters of the Ohio River.  This is another long day, but it was cut short when we were not able to pass through Lock 52 and instead had to anchor in front of the lock.

10/6/14 Hoppies Marina to Little Diversion  Leaving Hoppies’ at dawn, our little flotilla of 7 boats navigated lots of debris to an anchorage near Cape Girardeau, MO called Little Diversion.  While it was a safe overnight, you can see at the tail end of the video that debris was still flowing down driver, as the crew of Roxanne moves an entire tree out of the current using their dink.

10/1/14 Alton IL to Hoppies Marina  Another beautiful sunrise and another long travel day as we make our way down the Illinois river to an overnight at an old dock that is run by the Illinois Riverdock Restaurant.  A looper couple we met in Trenton Ontario pulled up right behind us and we ate lunch together. Order the pie first.

9/30/14 Grafton IL to Alton IL  Another short hop from Grafton to Alton. We would have enjoyed exploring Alton a bit, but were only able to stay one night.

9/26/14 Hardin IL to Grafton IL  We left the dock of the Illinois Riverdock Restaurant in Hardin and made a short hop to beautiful Grafton IL. We spent a few days in Grafton recuperating before moving on.

9/25/14 Beardstown IL to Hardin IL  Another beautiful sunrise and another long travel day as we make our way down the Illinois river to an overnight at an old dock that is run by the Illinois Riverdock Restaurant.  A looper couple we met in Trenton Ontario pulled up right behind us and we ate lunch together. Order the pie first.

9/24/14 Peoria IL to Beardstown IL  One of our most beautiful days on the river system.  We started just before dawn at the Illinois Valley Yacht Club in Peoria Heights.  The weather and conditions were perfect throughout a very long day.  We ended the day tying up onto a barge in Beardstown IL.

9/23/14 Henry IL to Peoria IL   This was one of our longest travel days yet, ending after dark. Nice views of the sunset coming into our final stretch. This is a long video at 7 minutes, but I had to run everything at a fast speed to get the time down that far. I’ll load a longer companion video that shows highlights at slower speeds later today.

9/22/14 Ottawa IL to Henry IL  After a 7 1/2 hour delay trying to get through a lock, we finally made it to Henry’s and docked (without getting stuck in the mud).

9/21/14 Seneca IL to Ottawa IL  Leaving early on a windy morning, we locked down with some fishing boats before we made it to a great stopping point in Ottawa.

9/20/14 Wilmington IL to Seneca IL  Another long day, with a stop at a great marina where dockmates helped us tie up just before a fierce thunderstorm hit.

9/19/14 Hammond IN to Wilmington IL (long version) This was one of our longest travel days yet, ending after dark. Nice views of the sunset coming into our final stretch. This is a longer version of the video posted earlier.

9/19/14 Hammond IN to Wilmington IL (fast)  This was one of our longest travel days yet, ending after dark. Nice views of the sunset coming into our final stretch. This is a long video at 7 minutes, but I had to run everything at a fast speed to get the time down that far. I’ll load a longer companion video that shows highlights at slower speeds later today.

9/18/14 Chicago IL to Hammond IN  Leaving lovely Chicago for Hammond IN – my birth state! We are docked in a marina that is right next to a large casino.

9/16/14 Chicago Architectural Boat Tour  A beautiful day on the Ohio and Cumberland rivers brought us, along with our flotilla of seven, to Green Turtle Bay just at sunset.

9/15/14 Waukegan IL to Chicago IL  Chi-ca-go, Chi-ca-go!

9/14/14 Milwaukee WI to Waukegan IL  Leaving Milwaukee, we stopped in Waukegan before moving to Chicago.

9/9/14 Port Washington WI to Milwaukee WI  Another rough trip, but worth it – when we got to Milwaukee we had a perfectly smooth inner harbor and a beautiful day!

9/8/14 Manitowoc WI to Port Washington WI  Leaving beautiful Manitowac, the water was slightly rocky but soon grew very rough. Part of the trip is cut out because it was too rough to change the camera battery.

9/6/14 Sturgeon Bay WI to Manitowoc WI  A beautiful day on the Ohio and Cumberland rivers brought us, along with our flotilla of seven, to Green Turtle Bay just at sunset.

9/3/14 Fish Creek WI to Sturgeon Bay WI  Traveling to the bottom of beautiful Door county in Wisconsin – you can see us coming up to the big swing bridge and make some adjustments while docking.

9/2/14 Sister Bay WI to Fish Creek WI  A very short hop on a beautiful morning from Sister Bay to Fish Creek in Door County Wisconsin

8/31/14 Escanaba MI to Sister Bay WI  A cloudy day after our days of rain and fog in Escanaba. It was actually pretty, in a different sort of way. Things cleared up just as we arrived in Sister Bay.

8/28/14 Ogontz Bay to Escanaba MI  Good weather for our crossing to Escanaba where we arrived in time for a 2 day pro fishing tournament.

8/27/14 Fayette MI to Ogontz Bay, MI  After a couple of great days in Fayette, we have fine weather and make a couple of stops to fish before anchoring in Ogontz bay for the night.

8/25/14 Manistique MI to Fayette MI  We finally make it out of Manistique only to encounter the roughest crossing we have had for the entire trip.  If you watch the horizon in the video you can see how much we are pitching and rolling.  We finally arrive in a beautiful, tiny harbor called Snailshell harbor in the Historic town/State Park of Fayette.

8/21/14 Beaver Island MI to Manistique MI.  The trip from Beaver Island to Manistique has some great scenery as the water changes color and texture and the skies also change.  We arrive in great weather.

8/20/14 Mackinac Island MI to Beaver Island MI.  We left Mackinac Island in fog – there is a great foggy picture of the Mackinaw Bridge early in the video.  It started to rain just as we got to Beaver Island.

8/18/14 DeTour MI to Mackinac Island, MI.  A slightly rougher crossing to the famous Mackinac Island.  If you look closely you may see the horse drawn carriages!

8/17/14 Sault Ste. Marie MI to DeTour MI.  A very nice trip from the Soo landed us in a great state harbor at DeTour.

8/15/14 Sault Ste. Marie Ontario to Sault Ste Marie Michigan  A very short trip across the river brought us back to the United States.

8/11/14 St. Joseph Island to Sault Ste. Marie Ontario.  Our final stop in Canada is Sault Ste. Marie, the Canadian side of the town that houses the Soo Locks.  This is where we took a great day tour on a train to a wilderness area (video to come).

8/10/14 Thessalon to St Joseph Island, Ontario.  Working our way out of the North Channel, we stopped at Richard’s Landing on St. Joseph Island – definitely worth a visit.

8/9/14 Blind River to Thessalon Ontario.  Moving from Blind River to Thessalon, we enjoyed a short stay in a very friendly town.

8/7/14 Beardrop Harbor to Blind River Ontario.  We met up with some co-travellers in Blind River and had fun with them at dinner and docktails!

8/5/14 Moile Harbor to Beardrop Harbor, North Channel, Ontario.  We moved up a little way to another beautful harbor called Beardrop.  There were several boats there but plenty of room for everyone, great scenery, kayaking, and great fishing.

8/4/14 South Benjamin Island to Moile Harbor, North Channel, Ontario  Moile Harbor was a very nice, uncrowded and quiet haven.  A YMCA camp was on the island, but we had the whole harbor to kayak in.

8/3/14 Kagawong to South Benjamin Island, Ontario  Our trip to South Benjamin was a nice once, but once we got there we found the tiny harbor to be a bit crowded.

8/2/14 Baie Fine Ontario to Kagawong Ontario  Leaving our favorite anchorage in Baie Fine, we traveled through the swing bridge at Little Current (you can see the guy that was trying to sail through) to a tiny municipal dock at Kagawong where we picked up a lime green kayak for Foster

 7/31/14 Little Current to Baie Fine Ontario You can see us coming down the hill on sling in this video before starting our trip to Baie Fine.  Baie Fine is the largest freshwater fjord in the world, and the views through the whole bay up to our anchorage were spectacular.

7/30/14 Killarney Ontario to Little Current We loved Killarney which is a tiny town and the beginning of the North Channel.  Sadly we had to leave to get our repairs done, in tight quarters at a marina in Little Current.

7/28/14 Mill Lake to Killarney Ontario During the night our anchor slipped and we drifted into an island – see Foster’s post for details.  We started the camera for this leg after the Coast Guard had pulled us off the rocks and towed us back to our original anchoring spot.  You can see our escort in the front, and their mother ship the Constable Carriere as we ride past on our way to Killarney on one engine.

7/27/14 Bad River to Mill Lake Ontario We left our anchorage in Bad River to move to Mill Lake – some great scenery through narrow channels formed by sheer cliffs.

7/26/14 The Bustards to Bad River in the Georgian Bay.  We moved within the Bustards to a new spot, so you see us leaving from the new spot to our anchorage at the Bad River.  The Bad River is one of the most beautiful spots we’ve seen this trip.  There is a set of rapids that people run up and down in their dinghies – not without risk!  This is where I caught a 33″ Northern Pike.

7/25/14 Henvey Bay to the Bustard Islands.  We moved while in the Henvey bay, so you’ll see us leaving from our new anchorage and traveling to the Bustard islands.  Another great spot for kayaking!

7/23/14 Britt Ontario to Henvey Bay .  A great ride to a great spot for anchoring and fishing.  Thanks Pierre!

7/22/14 Sandy Bay Ontario to Britt Ontario.  We backtracked to Wright’s marina in Britt due to predictions of high winds overnight.

7/21/14 Hopewell Bay Ontario to Sandy Bay.  Sandy bay was a calm pretty bay with two small beaches and great kayaking spots.  It was very quiet while we were there but I can see it getting crowded on the weekends!

7/19/14 Killbear Park Ontario to Hopewell Bay.  Hopewell bay was one of my favorite spots this trip.  I had great kayaking and fishing here!
7/18/14 Parry Sound Ontario to Killbear Park, Georgian Bay.  Killbear park is very popular for its beautiful beaches, hiking and camping, and great anchorages

7/14/14 Parry Sound 30,000 Island Flight Tour – here we get to see just how far under the water the rocks go!  We took this flying tour to commemorate our 11th anniversary.

7/13/14 Frying Pan Island to Parry Sound, Georgian Bay, Ontario.  More super narrow channels with lots of rocks

7/12/14 Hope Island anchorage to Frying Pan Island – Henry’s Fish Restaurant.  This is where we start seeing the famous Georgian bay views with the rocky narrow channels.

7/11/14 Beau Soleil Island, Ontario, to Hope Island anchorage The water on our trip was gorgeous, but the video does not do justice to this beautiful island with its perfectly clear waters and multicolor granite gravel shores.  Watch for the photo gallery for more.

7/9/14 Beau Soleil Island bike and hiking trip – not the greatest video but gives you an idea of the rough woods trails we went through and the beautiful scenery on this nature preserve

7/9/14 Brandy’s Island in Honey Harbor, Ontario, to Beau Soleil Island

7/6/14 Port Severn Ontario to Honey Harbor

7/5/14 Port Severn Anchorage

7/4/14 Big Chute Ontario to Port Severn Ontario – this includes our trip over the Big Chute Marine Railway

7/2/14 Orillia Ontario to Big Chute Ontario

7/1/14 Canada Day Fireworks – true video at 2X speed

6/23/14 Big Chute Marine Railway (true video at 2X speed)

6/21/14 Dinner at 360 Restaurant atop the CN Tower in Ontario

6/19/14 Lock #39 to Orillia Ontario

6/18/14 Rosedale Ontario to Lock #39 – docked on the lock wall

6/17/14 Fenelon Falls Ontario to Rosedale Ontario

6/14/14 Bobcaygeon Ontario to Fenelon Falls Ontario

06/13/14 Lakefield Ontario to Bobcaygeon Ontario

6/12/14 Lakefield Marina Docks

6/11/14 Lock#24 to Lakefield Ont

6/10/14 Peterborough Ont to Lock #24

6/8/14 Peterborough Lift Lock - a true video, running at double speed

6/7/14 Hastings Ont to Peterborough Ont

6/6/14 Campbellford Ont to Hastings Ont

6/4/14 Frankford ONT to Campbellford ONT

6/2/14 Trenton ONT to Frankford ONT- Lock#6

5/31/14 Rochester NY to Trenton ONT

5/30/2014 Irondequoit Bay to Rochester Harbor (Gas & Pumpout)

5/29/14 Niagara Falls – this is a true video, running at more than double speed

5/26/14 Oswego NY to Rochester NY (Irondequoit Bay)

5/25/14 Brewerton NY to Oswego NY

5/21/14 Ilion NY to Brewerton NY

5/16/14 St Johnsville NY to Ilion NY

5/15/14 Schenectady NY to St Johnsville NY

5/14/14 Waterford NY to Schenectady NY

5/13/14 New Baltimore NY to Waterford NY – Erie Canal Entrance

5/11/14 Leaving Kingston NY (short – no docking sequence)

5/10/14 Newburgh NY to Kingston NY

5/8/14 Croton-on-Hudson NY to Newburgh NY

5/7/14 New York City Harbor to Croton-on-Hudson NY

5/6/14 Manasquan NJ to New York City Harbor

5/3/14 Atlantic City NJ to Manasquan NJ

5/2/14 Cape May NJ to Atlantic City NJ

4/28/14 Delaware City DE to Cape May NJ  

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