3 thoughts on “Agawa Canyon Train Tour

  1. This album really reminded me of Scotland (kind of). The train journey is kind of like the West Highland railway (the Harry Potter Train)… only instead of the trestle bridge you have the big famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, and the mountains and lakes are… shall we say, much more dramatic? The photos of the hike to the falls weren’t unlike the highlands either, although I said “that’s the falls? That’s a leak” :) All you need for waterfalls in Scotland is a rainstorm (and… gee.. it never rains lol), and the mountains are covered in them. A two hour drive you’d probably see at least a dozen of them.

    • I believe you that Scotland is more dramatic, they certainly have more & higher mountains than we were around on this trip. The falls were all kind of eh – the best one was the Bridal Veil falls in Kagawon that your dad climbed behind. The bridal veil falls on the train trip were all dried up, and someone said they took the trip 15 years ago and they were all dried up THEN too, so I don’t think they are ever very robust.

      • I did see the bridal falls pics, I think I snagged one for Pig’s page. They were really cool. I’ll see if I can dig out a Scotland photo or two and tag you in the comments on facebook :)

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