Transit to Solomons

Breakfast at Chick & Ruth’s, do the Ego Alley run, Calm weather just swells / 1 waves until turning at Drum Point, talked to three Looper boats, (At Last, Sea Dream, Hawkins Landing) Doug and Susan dock, crabs Teresa and Tom from O’Tug.

Got up early today to make the 5 hour run to Solomons. First was breakfast at Chick and Ruth’s an Annapolis mainstay. Susan had the simple breakfast, eggs, bacon, toast and I went for the side of sausage gravy and a biscuit.

Back aboard, collected power and hoses, cast off the many lines (even with it being a no wake zone extra lines and fenders help) and we were off. Of course we took the Ego Drive down Ego Alley with a tight spin at the turning basin, and we were off!

Another perfect weather day, winds at 5 kts from the SE. So like the trip to Baltimore it was light chop and some gentle swells. As we got past Tilghman Island, the winds picked up because Taylor Island was no longer blocking the winds from the SE. Now with 80 miles of fetch, seas started moving from mild chop to 1′-2′ waves. But with less than an hour to go, it wasn’t a big deal.

On the way we crossed paths with At Last, Sea Dream, Hawkins Landing all on their way north. Chatted with a few as we passed by. Still seeing lots of Loopers that haven’t left the Bay yet.

We wended our way up Mill Creek to Doug and Susan’s dock. I’ve known them for years, but with Covid and their boat trip south, this was the first time to visit. We got tied off and spent a pleasant two hours chatting.

We went back to the boat, got naps (very important to stay rested), showers and then headed up for a crab feast. Theresa and Tom had Looped ON O’tug, it was fun to talk about their experiences. Doug had caught 23 crabs and had steamed them perfectly. With sides of Taco Salad and Pasta Salad it was a huge feast. We had slices of our host Susan’s home made zucchini cake. A perfect evening.

We headed back to the Quo Vadimus about Looper Midnight to get a much needed rest. All this boat stuff is hard work!

Monday 3 July 2023