Transit to Cambridge

The hard part of getting to Cambridge was getting out of Solomons. We had such a great time there it was hard to pry ourselves off the dock.

We had a few boat tasks to take care of, centered around the water system. We got a new water meter for the boat so we could figure out how much water we were putting into the tanks. After checking the strainer to see how the upper tank was doing (very minor pieces of algae) Susan dumped the bottom tank out. She got a small amount of algae, so one last flush should be good. She 1/2 filled the tank and added a load of bleach to kill of what is left in the tank. A good 4 hour slosh would make sure the tank was clean. She also added 60 gallons of fresh water to the front tank, that will get us through the next few days.

Meanwhile Doug and I did a run to the dump to get rid of Crab Shells and other trash from the weekend. Quick stop at the Giant and we headed back to the house. We all sat and chatted for another hour, said our good byes and at 10:30 pushed off into the flat calm waters of Mill Creek.

We passed the fireworks barge that had supplied such a great show last night. It was moving up to unload all the support equipment needed for the show.

Susan got great pictures of the trip out, and our farewell tour of the basin. Solomons is such a pretty place, I can see why people come to live here.

The river exit and entrance into the Bay was punctuated by jet planes from the near by naval air base (Pax River). We watched a number of planes take off, land or just scream by.

Once we got into the Bay proper it was just a long ride to Cambridge. The water was calm, so it was a super nice ride. We were met at the Cambridge Yacht Club dock and was soon tied up. As we tied up what little wind there was died, and the 91 degree temps soon started baking us. Inside to recover and chill out in the AC.

We poked our heads out around 5:30 and walked over to the Yacht Club Club house. It is very nice, with one room set up for fine dining and the bar area set up as a high end family place. Both had great views of the river and the Wednesday Night Sail Races. The finish line was directly off the dining room so we had a good view of some of the action. Susan had a really wonderful lobster in a blush sauce, I hadn’t had fried food in three days so I did the crab balls and chicken basket with fries.

We went back to the boat to recharge the drinks chest with ice and then relax and recover. Motoring around in the heat really takes it out of both of us, we turned in at 9PM.