New Water Heater

I have not been blogging since we really haven’t been looping. That doesn’t mean we’ve been just laying around. OK, well we did some laying around, but we did do some things.

People ask how the boats been doing. Then answer is pretty well, we’ve been very happy with the Quo Vadimus. When we bough the boat, there were two 11 gallon hot water heaters aboard. At some point in the last two years the first tank (they are connected in series) lost the element, it wouldn’t heat water. Not a big deal since the other tank worked and there was mostly the two of us. In addition, the recovery time for the one tank is pretty short, about an hour from dead cold to 120 degrees.

Sometime in the winter of 2013-2014 one of the tanks sprung a small leak. The fresh water pump would pump about 5 seconds every three hours. Not a big deal and I wasn’t going to worry about it.

As our trip progressed, the leak seemed to be getting a little worse. Since replacing them would be a day long or maybe a two day long task, I wanted to do it in a place that not having hot water wouldn’t be a problem.

I also decided to only replace one tank. I could use the extra storage space in the stair space. Also it would make getting in and out of the engine compartment a little easier.

It turned out to go quicker than I expected, but the guy that did the work was a pro. The old pair came out in about an hour. There was the obligatory parts run and then hooking up the new tank. All in all, just a touch under 4 hours, one of the reasons that it makes sense to hire a professional.

There are no leaks and the extra space is very nice to have. I put the things in plastic totes and it’s easy to slide them up and out of the way.