Delaware City and Home

Some light rain overnight made the decks a little slippery, but we headed out a little before 9 to head to Sunday’s 64 Cafe for breakfast. This is one of our favorite places to go for breakfast. It only seats about 20 people and they make some of the best southern style breakfast ever. We have our favorites and we try to as much as we can.

Breakfast in Delaware City

There were nine of us, the crews of Last Chance, Aquarius (and their guests),Tim the dock master from Delaware City and Susan and I. A wide variety of omelets, biscuits with sausage gravy, waffles and breakfast sandwiches were devoured. Not quickly, since the portion sizes are huge as you can see in the picture.

There was a 3 hour weather window that we tried to squeeze through to get home. Partial success, there was a 10 minute sprinkle around Chesapeake City.

Waterfall down the stair steps
There has been rain going on in the last few days, and we came across a water fall dumping into the Canal.

But my fail point was remembering that it takes an hour to shut down and load up. And we did all that in the rain.


We needed to zoom past Delaware City to get Susan’s car. On the way we stopped at the Augustine Inn Seafood & Chop House. It’s one of the nicest restaurants in New Castle County. It had some owner / chef drama around it across the last two years. It was nice to see they were still open. We did a mid-afternoon munch of their truffle fries and filet steak egg rolls.

Picked up the car and headed home. Arrived to a pile of mail and packages. Unpacked the car.

We dropped into our Lazy-boy chairs at 4:30, our official end of a great 18 day vacation and tour of the Maryland Chesapeake.