It’s the 4th of July week and that means fireworks

1 July 2017

This year the 4th of July fell on a Tuesday so there was lots of opportunities to see fireworks.

We got the Granddaughter on Friday to have her for Friday and Saturday. As always it’s fun to do stuff with her like Lego (we have both the Duplo and regular Lego, playing with the cars and train.

We went down to our marina on Saturday afternoon where we were met by more of the kids. After a great chicken dinner on the boat we headed out into the Bohemia River to pick our anchorage.

I could see the firework barge along the shore by the winery. We pulled about 500 yards and got set. The kids and granddaughter went for a quick swim to cool off.

After some showers it was time for fireworks. The fire boat pulled up to us and asked us to move upriver about 300′. we did so and the then pushed the barge to where we had been sitting. So we had a front row view of the fireworks.

They were very cool, about a 15 min show. Lots of roman candles (my favorite) and some big star bursts. The show ended and we slowly made our way back to the marina. Everyone was pleased with their first fireworks of the year!