Transit to Annapolis

The Chesapeake weather shined on us today!

Breakfast was at the Sip and Bite Sip and Bite about 5 blocks from Anchorage along Boston Street. We had the mini crab cakes (only ate two of the five, the rest will be lunch) Susan had the basic breakfast of eggs, bacon, mini waffles. I went all in on Waffles smothered in Sausage Gravy and waddled out with a BP of high triple digits. This is an awesome place to eat from either Anchorage, Henderson’s or Crescent Marina’s. Food is great, service is prompt and they call you Hun.

Off the dock and circled around into the Inner Harbor for a tour. Passed a ton of construction and then ended up in the basin. We looped around and headed out. The water was flat, the only ripples were us.

As we left the harbor, then the river moving into the bay the winds an waves picked up. A much rougher ride than to here, but all things considered it was still a very nice day.

Haze was heavy, visibility was 2 miles. It’s a well marked path, so easy to navigate. We got close to Annapolis and we crossed paths with one of the high speed trawlers. And we got dumped. No loss other than my pride, I thought I had the right angle.

Pulled into “Ego Alley” and backed into our slip.

Saturday 1 July 2023