Welcome to Quo Vadimus Marine. We do trips all around the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay on our 45′ Bayliner 4588.   Our guests have seen the best parts of maritime cities like Annapolis, Baltimore, Deltaville, Norfolk, Oxford, St. Michael’s,  and of course Earleville.

Contact us directly at QVMarine a t  gmail d o t  com.   We will be happy to tell you all about our trips!


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  1. Hi Foster its your neighbour in Mariposa Landing just got on the internet and looked at your blog. Its excellent and lots of information we talked about yesterday.
    Enjoy your trip and hopefully I’ll get out there

    • Thanks! It was nice meeting you and all of the other “dock residents” the last few days. This is the best part of the trip, meeting new people and talking to them. Love your dockside setup with a deck, chairs and table, and then a fire pit along side. I can see why Mariposa Landing is a popular place to dock. Hope to see you out at Big Chief Island.


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