7 May 2014 Clear and Bright 66F
Time Location RPM Speed Fuel Distance
11:00AM Depart Liberty Island Marina, NY
12:00PM S of George Washington Bridge 2,200rpm 7.8kts 4.0gal 6.7nm
1:00PM Yonkers 2,200rpm 8.4kts 8.5gal 15.4nm
2:10PM Nyak 2,200rpm 9.2kts 13.5gal 25.8nm
Running with the tide!
2:20PM Dock at Half Moon Bay Marina
Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Summary elapsed 4.0hr ave 8.1kts 32.0gal total 32.4nm
1068.2 1049.2 809.8 top 11.2kts 1.0mpg

Trip from Liberty Landing to Half Moon Cove Marina in Croton-on-Hudson