Newburgh, NY

8 May 2014 Fog and Drizzle 55F
Time Location RPM Speed Fuel Distance
11:15AM Depart Half Moon Cove Marina
12:15PM Buchana 2,000rpm 7.8kts 2.7gal 6.7nm
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
12:24PM Bump speed up 2,200rpm 8.5kts
12:45PM Pass tug at 2,900rpm 12.5kts ~22gph
Not happy with the speed, should be 16kts
1:40PM Pollepel Island 2,200rpm 8.0kts 10.1gal 19.5nm
Bannerman Castle
2:00PM South Newburg 2,200rpm 8.1kts 10.7gal 21.2nm
2:20PM Dock at Newburgh, NY
Summary elapsed 3.1hr ave 7.5kts 22.4gal total 22.5nm
1071.2 1052.2 809.8 top 12.6kts 1.00mpg

Video of trip from Croton-on-Hudson to Newburgh NY

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  1. Looks like you guys are having fun! I like the posts of your adventure, but how’s Belle doing with all this?

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