Trip to Big Chief Island Ont.

A short trip to get us out of the marina.

29 June 2014 Clear 81F West 5 kts
Time Location RPM Speed Fuel Distance
10:05 AM Depart Mariposa Landing
Lost a red bumper went back to get it.
10:56 AM Anchor at Big Chief 2.0 4.7 nm
4:10PM Anchor Up at Big Chief
4:55 PM Dock at Mariposa Landing
Orilla, Ontario
Summary elapsed 4.2 hr ave 4.4 kts 7.6 gal total 9.2 nm
1159.4 1140.6 810.4 top 14.0 kts 1.1 mpg
Just a chance to get out of the marina
Fillrd front and rear water