Happy Canada Day 2014

1 July 2014

Happy Canada Day!

We are a little off on our posting cycle.  We’ve been in Orillia since the 20th, we had a short 3 day trip to Toronto.  The last 7 days have been basically hanging out here and taking a break.   I got the Toronto trip posted, Susan’s working on the pictures.

I’ll also post some about Orillia, it was a great visit.  We stayed at the Mariposa Marina at the Narrows.  People here on the docks have been super nice.  Our neighbor a few slips down had heard us talk about the great butter tart hunt, they brought us two to try.

Our Canada day consisted of cleaning the boat since we take off on Wednesday and getting things packed and put away.

One of the members of the Bayliner Owners Club (a forum I belong to) came over with his girlfriend and we went over charts and places to stay during the two to three weeks it will take us to get to Killarney.  Lots of good places to go, it’s always great to travel with local information.

We biked down to the park about 6PM.  It was a nice cool ride.  There was a real festival going on with rides, three bands playing, a petting zoo and lots of different food choices.  We went with hot dogs, sausages and fries with gravy on it.

We got our chairs set up in a prime location to see the fireworks and people watch.  Wow were there people!  I’m not sure what the population of Orillia is, but it seemed that most of them were at the park.  Most were decked out in red and white to celebrate the day.

We saw a floating car putter back and forth a few times in the harbor.  They were very festive with their giant Canadian Flag.

At 10PM the fireworks started off.  It was a stunning set off fireworks with the largest roman candles I’ve seen.  Large in both how high they went and how long they went off.   Lots of good air bursts and giant stars.

After the fireworks, we packed our bikes back up and headed home.  Susan had planned ahead with flashlights for both of us so it was a easy ride back.

A great day, Happy Canada Day!