Grand Harbor,MS day 2

28 October 2014

Today was our second rest day. We did a tour of the Shilo Battlefield with the Captain of the Ithaka (It has it’s own post under Shilo Battlefield). On the way back we stopped at a store to get some more food supplies.

The rest of the day was taken up by me visiting other Looper boats that had arrived. I also got us pumped out and fuel loaded so we would be set for our next set of travels. We both got short naps in to help with the relaxing part of the day.

Dinner was at “Freddy T’s”. With Grand Harbor being a resort area and not a lot of places to eat, two local guys have set up a shuttle service. We got picked up at the end of the Grand Harbor dock and delivered 10 mins later. Our driver explained that we were on the corner of Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi, “the center of the Tri-State area”)

Part of the restaurant is the upstairs, we had burgers at the “Rooftop” for lunch the day before. Tonight would be the more formal dining area.

First thing you come to is a glass enclosed room that is the wine cellar. There are over a thousand bottles on display in neat, ordered racks. It was a suprise, the last thing I expected to see in such a small place was a comprehensive wine selection.

The main dining area is full of sea memorabilia, there are antique powerboats and jetskis, mounted fish, etc. They even had a giant Sponge Bob for the kids.

I had the “Bang’n Shrimp”, they were lightly dipped in flour and then fried. Very good, with just the right level of spice. Susan had the salmon, I had a taste it was very good. The menu is pretty extensive, so if you are there for a few days there is lots to try.

We are set to leave in the morning to head down river, our Tenn-Tom adventure is about to start.