Grand Harbor, MS

27 October 2014

We got up very late today, with the high stress levels from yesterday we both needed the extra rest. We were excited according to the info on line there was a little restaurant at the Marina Lodge.

Not true. Sigh.

So we packed our lines and headed out at 9:45 to go to Grand Harbor. We picked our way out of Pickwick Landing, it looks much different and prettier in the daylight.

The trip down the Tennessee and the turn into the Tenn-Tom went pretty quickly. Getting into our slip was a little tricky, so it’s good that we didn’t try it last night.

By 11:30 we were in the loaner van and headed to the nearest place to eat, the Rooftop. On the way we were passed by a number of trucks carrying pulp logs to a nearby pulp/cardboard mill. And passed by more empty trucks going the other way.

As advertised the Rooftop was over Freddy T’s restaurant. Two of the sides are garage doors that roll up to let the air and the sunshine in. It’s primary menu is burgers and dogs with fries. We both had double cheeseburgers with the works. The fries were great, they were seasoned with white and black pepper along with salt. Very good.

We went about 2 miles further down the road to see if there was a town. There was not, just an unending stream of pulp wood. We turned around, got back into the wood convoy and went back to the marina.

Grand Harbor is a huge marina with two condo towers near by. Most of the residents are summer only. A large number travel three hours each way to get here. It is an ideal boating area, they have the Tennessee River and the lake that is formed by Pickwick Dam. Lots of fishing, coves to hang out in.

The marina also has a pool, tennis courts, a salon, etc. So it’s pretty much everything you need for the summer. There are a few places to eat nearby and there is a shuttle company with two vans that moves everyone around.

Along the dock that runs along the Tenn-Tom is a series of gliders. Think of a picnic table that had facing seats and a canvas roof that swings very slowly back and forth. Very nice, we spent part of the afternoon that was not filled with a nap sitting and watching the boats go by. I think that the South has it right, there is nothing like an afternoon on a porch swing or a glider.

There were a large number of Looper boats there. Our friends on Seas the Day had come in the night before and had left first thing in the morning. They wanted to get 40 miles down the river to Midway Marina in Fulton.

I spent lots of time talking to a number of boats, hearing their stories and their adventures. One boat Sage is crewed by 4 friends of the owner. He needed to move the boat down for a few days and they said “Sure, pick us!!” They were having a great time.

Dinner was rib-eye steaks from Clinton. We ate on the dock in our little glider watching the last of the sunset. A nice way to relax on the loop!