Fish Tales Redux

We’re still wandering around the Georgian Bay, and today we came to a beautiful spot that was highly recommended to us called the Bad River.  As you know, I’ve been on a fishing quest, so as soon as we anchored I threw out a line.  I had a couple of fish on the line, one large one I got up to the boat before my line broke and it got away with my favorite lure.  We broke for lunch, and then I got right back to it with another lure.  As I was casting, a Canadian and his wife came by in their dink, and the man said I’ll make you a bet that you don’t catch any fish from that boat, there’s nothing around here.

Well pay up on your bet my man!  Here’s my 33” northern pike that I caught less than 20 minutes later… from the swim platform of our boat.


I even have a picture of me holding the fish with the guy’s sailboat in the background.


It was close going getting it into the boat – my tackle is really too light for such a heavy fish, and our nets are not big enough!  Foster tried using 2 nets, and they still weren’t big enough!  Fortunately the lure tangled in the net and we were finally able to get it into the cockpit.  After some mild hysteria and trophy photos, it went back in the water – too pretty to eat.

4 thoughts on “Fish Tales Redux

    • It was pretty ugly trying to get it into the boat! Biggest freshwater fish I have ever caught.

      • Bigger than any I’ve landed…I’ve had pike that size hit my line twice up at boyce lake, both times they hit it so hard that it snapped immediately. Landing him with that little net must have been a challenge, even with a big enough net it’s not easy because they freak out and bolt the moment they see it.

        • Biggest fresh water fish I’ve caught, although I caught a blue and a shark that were bigger. Your dad tried to sandwich him between 2 nets, but it was no go. Thankfully, the lure caught in the mesh of one net and we flipped him up onto the deck quickly.

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