Ess-Kay Yards

22-24 May 2014
Ess-Kay Yards, Brewerton, NY

After the great Wednesday of touring town, Thursday was a rest day for us. I cleaned the outside of the boat and did some odds and ends of maintenance items. Having a fully stocked store at the end of the dock was great, Kim and Tammy were very patient with my 2.3 million trips in an out as I completed one project and started another.

I had such great success with my Ham radio the last two times, I thought I’d try the other radio and antenna that I had brought. Last time I had used it was over 5 years ago so I was excited to see it work again. Much to my unhappiness, the antenna didn’t work. As you switch frequency, the antenna expands and contracts to make the antenna the right length. I’m guessing that there is a corroded contact on the board. I’m thinking I can repair it, but I have limited parts aboard (no matter what Susan says about all the stuff I brought aboard). To mitigate the risk, I ended up ordering a new one, it should end up in Rochester on Wednesday.

On Friday I got caught up on the Internet postings I had pending (you may notice that the ships logs appear in sequence, but I back post the trip reports). We borrowed the marina car and did some shopping and had a great BBQ dinner.

Saturday dawned clear and bright and at 9AM we heard this huge clatter on our starboard side. Ran out to find Gary the fiberglass guy removing the rubrail with an impact screwdriver. I helped remove some of the rail since, Bayliner through hole bolts some of the sections. No idea how they think I’ll get to them later. So I had to put pressure on the screw while Gary drilled them out. Then cut the excess off and punch the nut / stub into the hull. I’ll search for them the next time I’m down there.

It didn’t take Gary long to grind down and glass up the sections. He was going to be away for a few hours, so Susan and I took our bicycles into Brewerton. The last time I did any biking was when the kids were little, over 15 years ago. My knees were not happy with the entire concept. But we made it back into town and had wonderful Ruben sandwiches for lunch.

Emboldened by her successful ride Tour de France Susan decided to ride some more. I on the other hand had spied the latest JD Robb mystery at the library. So while she was riding, I was solving a mystery in 2065! Going half way to the library, reading for 2.5 hours and riding home did make my knees happier.

Since we had the bikes off the boat we spent some time moving heavy things that were under the port side to starboard side to balance the boat out. It also gave me a chance to clean the deck under the bikes.

While we were gone, Gary had come back and finished off the fiberglass work. Unless you knew the spots, you would not be able to tell the old from the new. All that need to happen is for the new rails to arrive in the last UPS delivery of the day. Which didn’t happen.

After going to bed on Saturday with our hopes of new rails dashed, on Sunday Gary and Ethan were able to twist and bang the old rail into serviceable condition to get us through the next locks. So it was on to Oswego!

Just a quick note of thanks to Kim, Tammy and Ethan of Ess-Kay Yards for making our stay so great. They were very nice, helped us out, and were able to get Gary, a top notch ‘glass guy to come with no notice at all. THANKS!