Trip to Oswego, NY

25 May 2014 Sunny 67F
Time Location RPM Speed Fuel Distance
10:30 AM Depart Ess-Kay Yards, Brewerton, NY
11:00 AM Lock 23 Clear! 2.3nm
12:15PM Oswego Lock #1 Clear! 3.1gal 10.3nm
1:20PM Oswego Lock #2 Clear!
1:35PM Oswego Lock #3/4 Clear 6.1gal 19.3nm
At 2,100rpm we are running 10.5kts
The canal current is about 2.2kts
2:25PM Oswego Lock #5 Clear! 8.2 gal 25.0
3:20PM Oswego Lock #6, 7 and 8
In the last 3 locks the wind has picked up.
4:15PM Dock at Wright’s Marina
Oswego, NY
Summary elapsed 5.6 hr ave 5.2kts 19.4 gal total 29.6 nm
1110.0 1091.1 809.9 top 13.7kts 1.54mpg