Liberty Landing, NJ

6 May 2014 Few scattered clouds 55F
Time Location RPM Speed Fuel Distance
7:15AM Depart Manasquan, NJ
8:00AM Belmar 2,200rpm ~9.3kts 2.7gal 5.9nm
Waves 1-2′
9:00AM Monmouth Beach 2,200rpm 9.3kts 7.4gal 15.6nm
10:00AM Entering Ambros Range 2,200rpm ~9.3kts 11.7gal 24.4nm
Flat with rocky spots, light ship traffic
11:00AM Verrazano–Narrows Bridge 2,200rpm ~8.2kts 16.3gal 33.8nm
Swirly currents, dropped a knot in speed
Once clear the bridge speed back up to 9.3kts
11:40AM Statute of Liberty looks cool from the water
12:00PM Dock at Liberty Landing, NJ
Summary elapsed 5.2hr ave 8.8kts 38.8gal total 40.8nm
1064.1 1045.2 809.5 top 10.1kts 1.05mpg