Solomons, MD

28 May 2015

We work up to a great morning. Our marina is tucked well back of the Potomac so there was no wave action. The rainstorms that were predicted went well north of us.

We got off the dock early and our last 10 miles of Potomac was a mild chop. We turned north to go up the Chesapeake and ended up with a 1 foot following sea, the winds and waves predicted for today didn’t show up either.

Around 11 AM we turned into the Patuxent River and started our way up to Solomons Maryland. On our port side was the Navy Patuxent River Air Station. It was a busy day over there, lots of planes taking off and landing.

We got fuel for the next to the last time on the trip (one more fillup at our home dock). Pretty happy, looking at around $3.70 per gallon for the trip. Pumped out and filled our water tanks so we are good for the next week.

It was a hot day here on the boat so we stayed in for the afternoon. Susan found a really good place, the Ruddy Duck that was a bike ride away. I tried their local beers and we had great appetizers of crab cakes, cheese puffs and their signature Duck-a-dillios.

The temperature drop during dinner made the ride home easier and the boat was nice and cool. We only have a few more days to go we are only 98 miles from the Bohemia River.