First Mate comes aboard

From our new first mate, Kilted Pig: When the bands stop playing, and the beer is gone, and somehow, ye’ve lost yer kilt… there’s only one thing to left do…. RETIRE.

The Wee Piggie is embarking on the retirement journey of a lifetime with Captain Foster, Susan, Belle – sailing around the Eastern United States in what is called “THE GREAT LOOP”.

Wee Kilted Pig has had many adventures so far: Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Russia, The Dominican Republic, Las Vegas, oh, and SKYDIVING?!? But this is really one for the history books folks! What’s even better, is that the spirit of Wee Kilted Pig will live on and continue his usual shenanigans, while ‘First Mate Pig’ will take on the duties associated with water life…. Including but not limited to grog procurement, mermaid control, penicillin injections, pirate poker league organization, and avoiding being buried in the kitty’s litter box. Oh, yeah… and maybe not trying to fall overboard….

Kilted Pig’s Facebook is public and welcomes new friends! See his current, past, and cloned adventures, and follow his journey on the Facebook places map and
Great Loop Album

For those of you who are new to the adventures of the Pig, there is a cartoon called Pearls before Swine where one of the main characters is Pig. My daughter has a stuffed version that she has taken all over the world with her. We’ve offered to take “First Mate Pig” with us on another adventure.