We’re a little concerned about our kitty, Belle.  She is about 15, a shelter kitty, so we’re not sure of her exact age.  She’s been with us for 13 years and was estimated to be 2 years old when I got her. 

The vet moved her to a senior diet last year for kidney support, and redid her blood work this year which is a little worse. She’s lost a pound (10% of her weight) and her creatine level is up, although still below the danger point.  The vet gave us meds to stimulate her appetite and a sample pack of prescription food which supports renal function.  We won’t transition her to the new food until we have been on the boat a little while because it would probably be too stressful for her, and she may not need it yet.  It’s a wait and see situation.  One thing I feel sure of is that she would be more stressed at not being with us if we left her at home, and she probably would not receive the care we can give her since we are with her 24/7.

At any rate we need to be aware that we may need vet services on the way, or we may need to restock this special prescription food on the way. 

5 thoughts on “Belle

  1. So you are bringing your best friend along. Not the best but not the worst either. We brought our Australian Shepard, Buddy, all 60 lbs. along. Ashore every morning and every evening, rain or shine. AGLCA has harbor hosts all along the way and can be unbelievably helpful with this sort of thing. Enterprise car rent is another great, they pick you up and drop you off almost anyplace along the way.
    Best of luck, Pete

  2. Susan – my 13 year-old Siamese has the same condition. Have your vet give you a paper prescription for the food, so you can pick it up at any vet’s office along the way.

    The food transition may not be as bad as you think – Kisses wasn’t eating much of the food she’d eaten exclusively since a kitten, but she took to the new food right away and gained some weight on it. As the kitties get older, their senses change, and the familiar food doesn’t taste the same.

    Bon voyage to all! Looking forward to reading your adventures.

    • Thanks Anne, that is comforting to know! We did get a paper Rx from the vet. She also gave us some pills to stimulate Belle’s appetite which we’re trying now.

  3. Aww, poor Belle! If this is her ‘last trip’, what a fantastic trip to have! I still agree taking her along will be the best for her; a little stress is nothing when you’re with those you love!

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