Departure approaching rapidly!

We’ve spent the last 18 months planning for this trip and now there is less than a week to go.  We’ve spent the last couple of days running errands – organizer bins, socks for FS, getting my prescriptions in order, picking up vet supplies, and non perishable grocery items.  It’s a good thing we both have project management experience, otherwise we might be panicking.

I hit a good sale day at the grocery to stock up on canned goods, dry mixes, and toilet paper.  95% of what I bought was on sale, so I am happy about that.  I am waiting to buy meat for a couple of days and will stock up our freezer.  I’m planning on freezing it at home and transferring the already frozen meat to the boat freezer so it doesn’t take too long to freeze.  We have a good selection to choose from when we are cooking in, which should be most nights.  Since we will always be close to shore, we will pick up perishables along the way and hope to be able to find local veggies & seafood relatively easily.

Today we’ll be running down to the boat to bring more of the stuff we’ve accumulated for the trip – and clear out the guest room for Dave who will be house sitting for us while we’re gone.  Foster will be meeting the Coast Guard Auxiliary for a safety inspection and I will be organizing my kitchen and other areas.

If we’re lucky we’ll have time for a nap!

2 thoughts on “Departure approaching rapidly!

  1. Wow the time has come. You must be excited and a bit apprehensive about the unknown. Not to worry, you are not the first and you will not be the last. Provisions, fuel and services are easy all along the way. The skipper Bob books are a must, is a must and of course the AGLCA and its members are all there for help and input. One thing I can recommend beyond a reasonable doubt is the use of Valvtect diesel fuel. We used it exclusively and did not have one issue with fuel for the entire voyage. Valvtect has a website that locates all of its suppliers state by state, except Maryland and Canada, another must. Many of the Loopers we encountered had lots of problems with fuel and suffered with poor quality and engine troubles due to fuel. I attended a seminar at a construction expo one year and the speaker shot his mouth off about the Valvtect products,, it works, sometimes a few pennies more, sometimes a few miles farther but worth every nickel. We carried 600 gallons with 300 hp single so fuel stops where few and far between. Please contact us if you need any advice and if you don’t contact us when you come to South West Florida we will be seriously pissed. We are on the intercostal on your way to Okeechobee.
    Regards, Pete

  2. wow, nice website!! i don’t see any organic food in the pictures…….. lol

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