Night out with work friends

At the end of March we had a small get together to say farewell to people I’ve worked with at different places across the last 5 years.  We filled La Poblanita on Lancaster Pike in Wilmington.  With people cycling in and out we didn’t violate the fire code, but we came very close.

It was a great evening of stories and people that had not seen each other in years catching up.  (Turns out that Delaware is a very small town for IT people, everyone seems to know everyone else). Lots of great last minute gossip and one last chance being plugged into the rumor mill.

The antique compass / sundial (and the chart magnifying glass on the main banner) are a gifts from close friends from India.  Just in case the GPS fails, we can find our way home.

A very pleasant evening, but another marker in our relentless march to the sea.

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