Cruising day 7 – Another Sea Day

28 February

We both slept very well last night, we’ve gotten very used to the vibration, it’s just the occasional lurch that wakes us up.

Breakfast this morning was eggs over easy and the left over chateaubriand from our “Le Cirque” dinner. It was still very good, a nice way to start our last day on this leg.

After breakfast I headed up to the Explorers Club to work on blog posts. There is a great view today of the water, rolling swells with some scattered whitecaps. (Winds are only about 20kts).

About 11:30 Susan joined me, we are going to attempt to play the “Team Trivia” The last few days have been won by a team of 6 players. I had listened to the questions a few days ago and they were pretty hard, I only knew 3 out of the ten.

We were joined by a couple from Iowa. We did pretty well, we had 9 points out of 15. The winning team only had 12. We missed questions like “What was the name of Alexander the Great horse?” Bucefalus. Should have paid more attention in ancient history class.

After “Team Trivia” we walked over to the Captains Corner to play Pictionary. We won, a combination of our team being very good and the other team being pretty bad.

A late lunch was burgers from the “Dive In” drive through. The fries were the best part, they had a spicy mayonnaise that added a lot of flavor.

The rest of the afternoon was taken up by reading and a nap. Cruising is hard work.

We has a quick cocktail at the bar and then headed to the Manhattan Restaraunt for dinner. It was international night, with dishes from around the world. Susan went for an Asian Spring Roll and Italian Risotto with Cod. I had a crab cake to start and cirribian beef pot roast. Dessert for both of us was a kiwi and passion fruit pavlova.

A short stop upstairs to the Crow’s Nest trying out some games. Phase 10, a card game, turned out to be too complicated for us to figure out. Pairs of Pears didn’t have instructions. We made it through a round of Trivial Pursuit even though it was missing pie slices. At that point we gave up and headed down to the theater.

The show was “Dancing With the Stars: at Sea”. It’s like the ABC TV version, except that cruise members are the stars. It was OK, but we were not fan of “Jazzy”, one of the judges. Every comment came with “It was a Candy Crush, I give you two snaps and a “. He ran through Snicker, Almond Joy, etc. a different one for each contestant. I think he was channeling his inner Marcy. (the woman that screams on “So You Think You Can Dance”).

The winner gets a free cruise where all the winners get to participate in the grand contest. A very talented girl won doing the waltz.

Since the show didn’t start until 9:30 PM, we were in bed moments after the show ended. Well in as many moments as it takes to walk the length of the ship.

There was a walrus tonight on the bed, it was very creative. The towels get better and better as the cruise continues.