Columbus Marina Rest Day

1 November 2014

Burrrrr it’s cold. It went down to 34 last night, we almost had frost this morning.

The wind was still blowing pretty good, so I’m happy that we kept to our plan of making this a rest day. We’ve been doing a little more than our drive two days then a rest day since we left Green Turtle Bay. So a day off and having it be bad weather is a bonus.

But that didn’t stop others from leaving early this morning. One of the more interesting boats that left was a 25′ home made pontoon boat. They left Minneapolis and are traveling down to Florida. They had an easy time on the Mississippi river, they had good weather so the river was pretty calm.

We both did laundry, Susan vacuumed the boat and I did the pump out using the “on the dock” system.

While I was doing my laundry I talked to two canoe boaters. They left Ottawa Canada in their canoe and with their dog in June of 2014 and are working their way around the Great Loop They will complete the loop and then start doing other rivers. All in all they are looking at doing 1000 days of adventure on the water. (Web site is check it out). This trip is just part of the adventures they have had.

Today was also Bayliner day at the marina. We were joined by Panacea a very nice 4588. The crew is from California, they had the boat shipped to Texas where they started the loop. They are almost done, they cross their wake at Mobil.

The second is a 4788, Prime Interest II from Florida. Very pretty boat, love the lines. We had met them before on our trip.

We all talked about how we all liked Bayliner boats, how there was a ton of space and we were all pleased with the overall performance. They are spending a rest day on Sunday and will head down again.

Dinner tonight was a “Old Hickory” a steak place in Columbus. We went with the crew of Mara Beel. The place serves steak, just steak, you have a choice of cuts. Baked potatoes and a salad. They are grilled to perfection over a charcoal grill. Not much in the way of decoration, but the food more than makes up for it. Conversation was great, they have had so many cool adventures.

After dinner we did a quick run into Columbus to see what the town looked like (some pretty neat homes, we should have gone before dinner) and a short stop at Michael’s to pick up craft supplies.

Temps are to go to freezing over night and we go back to Central Standard Time. So we will be up with lots of light and a chance to see the frost.