Apalachicola, FL Day 2

20 November 2014

While planning the entire trip out on a day to day basis is impossible, I do try to plan a week out. Our plan was to go across the Gulf from the Florida panhandle to Dunedin then head south in some big jumps to get to the keys in 2 weeks. With the iffy weather, my plan B was to go partially across the Gulf from Apalachicola to Steinhatchee, a trip of 90 miles. We’d use the smaller weather window tomorrow (Friday) to go south in some shorter hops.

This morning’s forecast put an end to that plan. There is no weather window on Friday, or for the next few days for that matter. Choice is to go to Steinhatchee and be stuck there for a week, or stay here in Apalachicola and be stuck here for a week. Based on the number of places to eat that we’ve seen, and that we would have access to a rental car, staying was an easy decision.

Went up and got booked in for a week, it’s a pretty decent rate. Pay for 4 nights, the next 3 are free. So we are good until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I’ll need to watch the weather to see if we will be here longer.

Since we were staying longer we had access to the marina “car”, in this case one of the two golf carts. Not a lot of traffic in Apalachicola, and lots of the B&B’s have carts for their guests.

The crew of Ta Ta had been at the marina for a week, and they had gotten bounced around by the winds and shrimp boats. They were able to get one of the last spaces at a marina farther up the river (10 blocks away) and thought it would be a better location. We hadn’t got bounced that much (yet) but we are almost twice their size.

After they set off, we got the golf cart and rode over to “Pig-Wig” as I refer to Piggly Wiggly, one of the Souths food chains. We were not expecting much and ended up being pleased at the big selection of items they had. With our cart loaded up, we headed back through town. It looks like staying was a good choice, there are even more places to stay.

Susan put a pot of chili on to cook and we got caught up with bills, pictures, emails, etc. The internet connection here is good, so there should be new pictures soon.

Dinner chili was good. We are both set to relax for the next week.