June Belle Report

We get asked How is Belle doing? I’ll side step the answer of Thanks for asking, I’m doing fine and so is Susan. to get to your question about a cat.

She is doing well, she has sorted out places to sleep.

* Her cat bed in the salon
* A blanket at the foot of the bed on my side
* A blanket on the Salon Bench
* A blanket on the Pilot house bench

At night, on the pilot house bench. During the day, in her cat bed. While we are underway, at the foot of our bed (the rock and roll is far less there) and when we are up and about either the Salon Bench or the Pilot House Bench.

She has become a little more active, she will make an effort to interact with us. She has figured out where the brushes and combs are, and will go stare at the door until someone gets a brush. She has taught us when she wants water and food.

She still hasn’t gotten into the “We now do not get up at 5AM” cycle. She will come meow promptly at 5. And if you get up before that time to go to the head (marine word for toilet), she thinks you are fair game.


She will lay in the pilot house door sill and watch the geese. She will walk out on the back cockpit if we are docked. She will come up to see us on the flybridge if it’s smooth and we’ve been out for more than 4 hours.

She is eating her food, drinking tons of water and putting it in the correct place, so that’s all good.

And as you can see from the entry picture, she is interested in boat things, she was trying to help sort out one of the lines.

Bottom line is that Susan and I are doing very well, thanks for asking, oh yea the cat is doing well also.

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