Belle on the AGLCA!

10 July 2015

Belle is famous! She is presently appearing on the AGLCA home page. They used the picture of her (shown above) and her flag as the link to a blog post on having a cat aboard.

There had been a question asked about what to do to bring a cat on board and a few of us responded with posts about things we had done.

Susan got asked to supply a picture. She dug through a stack of them and sent the best ones, and they picked the one with Belle playing with some light line.

In the process of looking at them I remember that for Christmas the year before we left, Belle got a full body life vest. We put it on her to try. She immediately became stiff legged and just stood there. But she soon lost her balance and toppled over. No problem, use the handle and stand her up. “Meow” and topple. We did that a few times before deciding that the vest wasn’t going to work. We ended up getting a long handled large crab net to fish her out of the water if it came to that.

The cat article they wrote can be found here is the banner picture.

A year ago (9-10 July 2014) we were on Beausoleil Island

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