Boca Chita Key, FL

23 March 2015
Day 233 on the Loop

We talked about it, posted about it, thought about it but today we released our earthly (watery?) bounds and slipped like a ninja from Mangrove Marina.

Well that is after lifting the dink to powerwash it, load 110 gals of fuel, load water, pump and backwash the holding tank and pay the last set of bills.

People came and hugged Susan bye-bye and since I was such a grubby mess did that “eye hug thing” that transmits zero germs. Going to miss these guys.

And with that we are off in dead calm water heading along the ICW. We clear the 300 dock and Susan blows one last conch blast to bid adieu.

We cruised up the ICW, through the mangrove cuts, the cuts through the coral reefs and about 3PM end up at Sands Key in Biscayne Bay. Weather says “10 knots”, and we tried three times to anchor in the actual 15-17 knot winds. Thin sand over coral was a failure.

The fine white sand wasn’t holding us at all So rather that become a strip miner we headed to Boca Chita Key National park. The crew of our Tavernier slipmates on “Shady Lady” had recommended it. So we did the change in plans (Always have a plan B) and we motored in.

It’s a very nice, very well protected basin. We found a spot on the wall and Susan’s resurrected docking skills had us along side in moments.

A docked gold looper “Shingebiss” said that it’s a popular Miami destination, but many loopers don’t know about it. Worked out well for us, Shady Lady arrived and we had docktails. Susan blew the sunset horn that was answered by a nearby boat.

For a place to go for overnight or day its great. Nice docks, bath houses, beaches, etc. to make the day fly by.

Dinner was classic Susan snack dinner with rolled meats, cheese, fruit, etc. Before dinner she got some quality lounge chair time with her book and that made her happy.

If you are slow looping, this is like being at Snailshell, but lots warmer. I’m able to access the net via the hotspot. It’s a little slow, but it does work.