Waterford, NY the Erie Canal

13 May 2014 Cloudy 65F
Fuel 123.9 + 123.0 @ $4.379 = $1,105.69
Time Location RPM Speed Fuel Distance
9:30AM Depart Shady Harbor Marina, Kingston, NY
10:30AM Van Weies PT 2,200rpm 8.9kts 4.4gal 8.1 nm
Water is flat, but we are against the tide
11:30AM Troy 2,220rpm 8.2kts 8.5gal 16.8nm
We slow down/speed up for the fishermen
12:00 Approach to Troy Lock
12:30 Clear Troy Lock, our first on the canal!
12.45PM Dock at Waterford Visitors Dock
Waterford, NY
Summary elapsed 3.5hr ave 6.3kts 20.4 gal total 21.9nm
1082.1 1063.1 809.9 top 9.9kts 1.07mpg

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