Connelley / Kingston, NY

10 May 2014 Partly Cloudy 68F
Fill both tanks, pump out, disconnect starboard alternator
Time Location RPM Speed Fuel Distance
11:00AM Depart Riverfront Marina Newburgh, NY
12:00PM Cobalt Lake 2,200rpm 9.4kts 3.7gal 7.9nm
12:30PM Mid-Hudson Bridge 2,200rpm 9.2kts 6.1gal 12.8nm
1:00PM FDR Home 2,200rpm 9.2kts 8.3gal 17.5nm
We slow down/speed up for the fishermen
2:00PM Ewen, NY 2,300rpm 8.9kts 11.2gal 24.7nm
On the wrong side of the tide
2:20PM Dock at Rondout Yacht Basin
Connelly / Kingston, NY
Summary elapsed 3.3hr ave 8.0kts 24.0 gal total 27.8nm
1074.7 1055.7 809.9 top 11.2kts 1.15mpg

Video of trip from Newburgh NY to Kingston NY