Cape May

28 April 2017 66F clear, light winds

9:45 AM Depart
11:00 AM Salem Power Plant 2,500 RPM 11.5 kts to get to high tide 11.6 gal
11:45 AM Buoy 4L 2,500 RPM 11.5 kts 21.4 gal
1:00 PM Liston Range 2,100 9.8 kts 31.4 gal
1:45 PM Miah Maull 2,100 37.0 9.8 kts 37 gal
2:45 PM Turn to Cape May – 2-3 ft waves
3:50 PM Dock

54.4 nm top 14.5 kts average 8.8
Hours 1049.4 1030.5 elapsed 6.1 hr 51.6 gal

Trip to Cape May NJ

3 thoughts on “Cape May

  1. I see you made it to Utsch’s Marina in Cape May. Kind of a tricky approach. They had us tucked all the way in the back up against the wall. Not bad for walking Buddy. Are you taking the outside wrought or the inside AICW magenta line?? I made a delivery on the inside once, not worth it and only on a rising tide. Outside can be lumpy if the weather doesn’t cooperate, head for deeper water and you may find it better, 40+ feet and the swells tend to treat you better we found. Atlantic City next?? Barnegat can be a bitch in anything out of the N, E or S on an outgoing tide. Love the videos, keep m coming.

  2. Utsch’s isn’t that bad, I’m used to turning into my dock, so making the starboard turn into the marina was fine.

    We will be going to Atlantic City via the outside on Friday if the weather breaks. I don’t trust the ICW since Sandy, so we will take the easy route. About 30 nm, so about 4 hours unless I catch a good current up.

    Susan is the brains behind the videos, all I do is drive the boat.

    • Hi Foster, The outside is a smart move, the inside passage is tricky to say the least if nonexistent altogether. I have been to Atlantic city but only anchored @ 39 23.264N / 074 24.601W Brigantine anchorage, a little tricky entering but nice. Be sure to fill us in if you hookup on one of the casino docks or marinas. Be cautious of Manasquan, the current rips through there like stink. If ya all are into anchoring out, there is a drop-dead anchorage, well protected, just to the west of the Statue of Liberty @ 40 41.763 N / 074 03.829 W. I / we I have been there quite a few times in the past and the view of Liberty is mint and you can land a dink at the boat ramp, small dock to stretch the legs in Liberty Park. The bottom is bottomless mud so your anchor will come up muck and maybe some Jimmy Hoffa to boot.
      May the wind and sun be at your back and the tide be favorable.
      Safe travels, Pete

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