North Myrtle Beach, SC

2 May 2015

Today is Susan’s second birthday on the Loop!

We are off to North Myrtle Beach today and are traveling with three other Loopers. “Plane2Sea” are people that we met up with in Georgia. The two new boats are “Horizon Chaser” and “Mighty Fine”. We met the two new crews at breakfast this morning.

Our first adventure was watching “Horizon Chaser” and “Mighty Fine” get waked by a Hinkley coming down the ICW. Not sure what is up, that was the fourth Hinkley that has done that.

We are now back into swing bridge country. There are about 8 bridges that we need to deal with between here and the Chesapeake Bay. The one this morning was pretty easy, there were two boats waiting when our group arrived. The bridge tender opened up and we went through.

The next 20 miles are a canal that is bracketed by homes and gold courses. The mega homes along the water reminded us of the area north and south of Palm Beach. It’s like the housing crash of 2009 never happened.

There is a place where there is an overhead gondola system with two cars. It’s part of one of those giant resorts that are all over down here. The parking lot is on the east side of the river, the golf course is on the west. They load golfers into the gondolas an fling them across the river.

One of the famous river areas in this section is “The Rockpile” It’s a narrow canal section that was cut out rock. Unlike other spots of pluf mud and sand, hitting the rocks is a bigger deal. (Pluf mud is that smelly mud that South Carolina is so famous for.) We came through about mid tide and there was lots and lots of room. There was a southbound sailboat that went by, he was on the phone and not really watching the markers. The crew of “Horizon Chaser” yelled that they were about to crash and the sail boat turned 90 degrees to miss the marker.

We arrived at the very nice Myrtle Beach Yacht club about noon. I was surprised by the low cost, only $1 per foot. I can see why people stay here a few days. Its a great place!

There was a wedding going on upstairs in the restaurant. So the crews of “Horizon Chaser”, “Mighty Fine” and “Quo Vadimus” headed to the steak house next door. Susan and I had the fish tacos, they were good but not the level of the ones from the Wilmington Farmers Market.

Naps for Susan and I for awhile and I topped off our water tanks. We then headed up to the pool area and met up with “Just Us”, “Plane2Sea” and “Diamond Girl” for predinner snacks. Just before the Kentucky Derby Post time, we moved up stairs to a big table. One of the boats (nameless here for legal reasons) put together a small derby bet slips. I had poor picks, but Susan had one of the top three. Of course both of our horses placed well out of the money.

Dinner was a group appetizer set, we had buffalo wings, Parmesan garlic wings, nachos, potato skins plain and with chili and egg rolls. Lots of food for everyone! The wings were huge and the flats still had the tips on them. An order of 10 would be more than anyone could eat.

Susan had a hot fudge sundae with pecans on it for her birthday!

After dinner we all headed to our respective boats. Some are going to Southport Marina, others will push on to Wrightsville. We have 7 good days of weather in our forecast so we will keep going until we get to the rain on Saturday.