Winter Hiatus!

10 December 2014

Quo Vadimus is docked at her winter home! We are done what I consider to be the first ½ of the trip, but in time and distance it’s the first 2/3. We are in Tavernier Florida (just south of Key Largo) and will be here for at least the next 45 days if not longer.

Statistics so far:

Elapsed days: 223

Travel Days (days that we moved the boat): 110

Travel Hrs: 522.6

Longest hours in one trip: 22 (the Florida Crossing)

Total Miles Traveled: 3656 nautical miles (and for my distance challenged Looper friends that is 4165 statute miles) Philadelphia to San Francisco and back as far as Des Moines Iowa. Or since we are a boat, it’s the distance from the Chesapeake Bay to Scotland and then a little more.

Average miles per hour: 7.2, about twice the average walking speed. Or half the average biking speed if you bike long distances.

Least Miles: 2.7 (From Sault Ste. Marie Ontario to Sault Ste. Marie Michigan)

Most Miles in one day: 168 (nm) (The Florida crossing, which took two days. In an actual “day”, 96.5 (nm) from Kimswick MO to an anchorage on the Mississippi River).

Total Gallons of fuel: 2,632

Est Fuel Cost: $10,831

MPG: 1.4 (nm) 1.6 (sm)

Days at Anchor: 46

Avg Dock cost per foot: $1.64 ($1.64*45=$73 per night)

Est Dock Fees: $13,025

Most marina’s were just a single night, at less than 20 places did we spend more than 1 night. Longest stays were at Green Turtle Bay, Grand Rivers, TN (14 days) Mariposa Landing, Orillia ON (13 days) and Apalachicola Marina, Apalachicola FL (10 days)

Locks navigated: 99 locks, just 2 more to go! (They are not until Virginia!)

Repair work:
– Rub rail repair in Brewerton, NY.
– Generator start switch replacement, Big Chute, ON.
– Propeller change and hull fiberglass ding repair in Little Current, ON.
– Haul out to check bottom and props from the river run, zinc replacement and repair of line cutter, Fairhope, AL.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Hiatus!

  1. Hi Foster.
    Can’t think of a better place you could be right now. Excellent site and great trip summary, with your own unique flair. It was driving to key west where I first saw the term snuba. Have it on my list to do next trip. You have a huge audience here living vicariously through your journey. Nice job.


  2. Love the blog!!! I will miss this for the next two months. Happy Holiday’s!!!!

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