Sushi and a proposal

28 March 2015

Tonight was a day of doing boat chores, Susan making a really cool cloth book for the grand-baby, and waiting for Fed-Ex to come and pick up a package. It was a nice day, the rain last night cooled the day down to the low 70′s. Very nice!!

Dinner was at Katana Japanese Restaurant in North Beach Miami. It’s a tiny “hole-in-the-wall” place. Down the center is a U-shaped serving station that has a water filled moat that has little 18” long boats. Each boat floats by with a different plate of food on it. Choices were different kinds of sushi rolls, steamed and fried dumplings, different sashimi, salads, etc.

You decide what you want and pull the plate off the boat. Each plate has a different color and price associated with it. Some items were hard to tell what they were, but we asked questions and figured things out. We were able to get lots of our favorites.

You can also order off the menu, so we got Pork Tonkatsu and Tempura Veggies. That and 8 different kinds of sushi and dumplings came to $40. It was a lot of fun and we had a great time. I was glad Susan made us get there when they opened, we found great seats next to the sushi chef and was entertained by how fast he could make rolls. The rest of the seats filled quickly and when we left there was a wait outside.

Sitting next to Susan was a young couple. When the woman got up I noticed the man hand the waiter a small box. In a few minutes she came back and a moment later a diamond ring in a box went floating past us. He says “Do you see anything else?” She looks at the boats, sees the ring and her mouth drops open. He pulls the plate off, snags the ring and proposed to her. It was a very magical and romantic moment. And she did say yes!