Rosedale, Ont.

17 June 2014

Tuesday in Fenelon started off bright and wonderful.  We took our red wagon to the store and stocked up on water for the next two weeks.  I spoke to the Lock Master Trevor for a few moments (not sure who in Parks Canada does hiring, but they seem to do a great job on the Lock Masters.

We spent most of the time in the lake fishing, since we were only going 4 miles.

We spent the night at Rosedale, and it was a good choice since there was a huge storm that moved south of us.  A tornado took out part of town and power was off in places in Toronto.

Sadly we did not get wi-fi until the morning.  Susan uploaded the latest set of pictures to the gallery Locks 20-34. I finally had a chance to clean the million bug bodies off of the boat.  I also got the starboard side of the bow clean, there had been a stain since we left the ocean.  I’m hoping to get tied on the other side at some point to get it cleared off also.

Off on Wednesday to the second lift lock in the Trent system.