Parry Sound, Ont

13-14 July 2014

Parry Sound Ontario – including our photos from the 30,000 Islands flight tour

We woke on Frying Pan Island in deep fog. We decided to do the weekly cleaning, so things got put away, rugs got vacuumed, dusting was done, etc.

By then it was 11 and the fog was lifting so we decided to do the short run to Parry Sound at noon. We were all set, and I was ready to start the engines, when Susan went, “Are you sure about leaving?” I looked up the channel and the fog was rolling back towards us.

Always with a plan B, Susan heated leftover pickerel in the oven and made us great fish sandwiches. Best Filet of Fish sandwich ever, take that McD’s!

By 2 PM boats were starting to make their way into the marina, the fog had lifted. We said goodbyes to Paul and the dock people at Henry’s and pushed off. Frying Pan Island to Parry Sound time lapse

The trip through the South Channel into Parry Sound was very pretty. There were some tight corners but it was an uneventful trip. Once we got to Parry Sound we needed to wait for the swing bridge to open. Normally it’s on the hour, but the Island Queen was coming up at 3:45, so we had about a 30 minute wait. We moved down around the corner to give Susan a chance to do some more fishing. (No luck). When we heard Island Queen on the radio, we moved into position to follow through the bridge.

By now it was a full 25kt wind blowing across the sound. We had wanted to tie on the starboard side, but that was a slip next to a really nice boat. With the wind, I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to do that. So we went out, reset our fenders for a port tie and came back in for a second pass. We did well, pulled into the slip and waited for the wind to push us into the dock.

Once we got tied off and paid, we both jumped onto the wifi. Susan had videos to upload and got them started. I got some posts made and got caught up on the Bayliners Owner Forum and my robot stuff.

When we got to the marina there was a sign for “Wellington’s”, it was too far away to walk, but they offer free taxi rides. Susan pulled the menu and they had four different kinds of schnitzel. We were sold and made the call. In a few moments the taxi arrived and we were whisked away.

We started with the mussels in a Thai Curry sauce. It was great. I need to start learning to ask for more bread upfront, it took the waitress a long time to get us more. Susan’s schnitzel had mushrooms, caramelized onions in a brown gravy. I had pea meal bacon, mushrooms and swiss cheese on mine. Both pieces had been pounded out to make them tender and then lightly battered and fried. Just wonderful!! If you are in Parry Sound, add this to your list of places to go!

Monday started off with laundry, laundry, laundry. We took over the lone washing machine from 9AM until 1PM getting everything washed. As we head into the North Channel washing machines will be hard to find. With all the rock it’s hard and expensive to put in field drain systems. We both have about a months worth of clothing now, so we should make it into the US with no problems.

One of the things we spied in Midlands was an advertisement for Georgian Bay Airlines, they give air tours. I had signed up for their 30,000 island tour. We headed over and filled out the necessary forms and were soon being loaded up into a small Cessna float plane. Our pilot, Jesse, hopped aboard and we were off down the river. Picking up speed we took off and were soon heading north towards “The Hole in the Wall”. It’s a narrow channel that splits “Wall Island” into two parts. We then swung to the east following the Sound out to the edge of the Georgian Bay.

The views were great. Susan had the GoPro running and got some amazing video of our flight The first part is a time lapse of the takeoff and then the pilot handed the GoPro back to Susan for the rest of the flight.

We were able to see into the water, it’s cool and also scary that the rock shelves come right up to the channel markers. The islands are dotted with cottagers, it has to be interesting to live so remote from a town. There is an island with a small pond in the middle, they have built their house around it.

When we got back we made a pass over the marina to see the Quo Vadimus at the dock. We could make out the red kayak and fenders but the picture didn’t really come out well.

Our adventure was soon over and we were back on the water aerodrome headed back towards the Georgian Air Dock. A great day, a great flight!

When we got back to the dock there were four looper boats and we went over to meet them for “docktails”. We met the Lindy and the Sanctuary from Michigan. They are on the last 250 miles of their loop adventure. C.A.R.I.B. II from Florida has been on the move since early April. Serenity, from Vermont is like us, early in the loop. The crew from Meandering that lives in the area came down to offer up suggestions and places to go. They had just finished the loop on 13 June. We all had snacks and beverages and had a very nice time chatting.

For dinner we headed up into Parry Sound for a pretty uninspired meal. Sometimes you win the dinner lottery and sometimes not.