Loopers on the move

14 March 2015

March is the start of the Looper season. We are at here at Mangrove Marina at Tavernier Florida. For awhile we’ve been the only loopers, in the last two weeks we’ve seen loopers heading from either Key West or Marathon northward. Some of the Loopers from the Western part of Florida are starting to come down and around.

Last week our friends on Serenity were here and tonight the crew of Midas’s Touch arrived for day to resupply.

Our friends on Lake Effect have gone for a few days to see some more of Florida and they will be back to head north.

We will also soon be on our way, this weekend will be the equinox so there will be more daylight than dark, that will make travel easier.

I’ve noticed that the winds are dropping and they weather is starting to get warmer here in Florida. There is snow coming for the Upper Bay this weekend, so there isn’t a need to hurry.

We are starting to pick up on our projects to get the Quo Vadimus back into sailing trim.