Fenelon Falls, Ont.

14 June 2014

The trip to Fenelon Falls was just 2.5 hours and most of that was spent on Sturgeon Lake. We left in calm weather, but by noon the winds were 15kts with gusts to 20kts. The lake had whitecaps on it, but very little wave action. We rounded the corner into the river that lead into the lock and we were shielded from the wind.

The lock entrance is long and high almost making it a double long lock. We quickly cleared the lock are were tied up on the town’s new wall (circa 2012) that is very nice.

Fenelon is a small lock town, about 10 square blocks in size. We ate lunch at a place along the lock wall, that will remain nameless, since the experience was a worse than the dive in Lakefield. I’d like to think it is just me, but the people had a discussion with the waitress, sent their nacho’s back, and when the main course came, the Mom ate two bites with more discussion with the waitress. So it looks like our string of “great dive pubs” has come to a screeching halt.

We walked over to a nearby marina to see if we could replace one of our leaking fenders. They were confused by “round”. We were saying “round meaning spherical” and they were thinking of “round as in tubular”. They didn’t have what we wanted, but we were able to get the next marina we will be stopping at to order it.

Dinner was a Susan special of the great steaks she had purchased in Lakefield with apargus, loaded potato skins and garlic bread. Very, very good.Locks20-3400094

I did a quick walk for ice over to the marked, Sobey’s. I’m impressed, it’s like a Whole Foods. We are not near any big populations, so it was a suprise to find it.

We awoke Sunday to a great day. We unloaded the bikes and rode for an hour on the “rails to trails” path that runs through Fenelon. We then did a quick walk around town, I found a TD cash machine (very important) and a small place that I found some more red / white spoon lures at. Maybe my lure karma is coming back.

The boat behind us had recommended the Chinese place on the main street, so we got take out for lunch. We found that Canadian Chineese food is sligtly different than we get. Our lo-mein has vegitables in it, and there are some also in the egg roll.

With all the exercise in the morning, we both managed to get naps in. While Susan was taking hers, I walked down to the Albin 34 that I had spied to see how much bigger it was than the Albin 27 that’s owned by a friend. It looks like most the added space ended up in the rear cabin making much nicer.

For dinner we headed over to the Orchid Thai Bistro where we had spring rolls that were really good and the Basil Beef, which had just the right level of spice needed.

For dessert we did Kawartha ice cream. It was very good, next to the craft beers, this has become my favorite Canadian food.

Monday was heavy rain in the morning. We decided to spend the day here as a break day. You may have noticed all the posts that appeared in one lump, I spent most of the morning writing.

The rain kept up unto 2PM and then the sun started to come out. So hopefully the rainy weather is past us.

We will be heading off to Rosedale in the morning!


Heather was nice enough to do a map of the last few days worth of trips.


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  1. If you are stopping in Orillia possably we could get together. We can advise you on what to expect, Orillia to Parry Sound. If there is anything you need, let us know.

    Dave and Sue Wright

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