Daytona Beach, FL (Day 3)

12 April 2015

Sunday was another nice day, but rain in the forecast. We decided to hit some of the local brewing companies and do some shopping. Hitting the K-Mart we found replacement throw rugs for the boat. Ours have taken a beating with us walking on them for the last year.

Lunch was at Tomoka Brewery a few miles away. They have local beers and are known for their great pizza. We arrived just in time a party with about 2 dozen people had just left and we were able to get a table in the corner. We got a flight of six different beers to try out. Most of them were pretty good and it was fun trying new beers out. Susan’s not much of a beer drinker, when we have beer it’s up to me to pick something she will like. These little tastings make it easier for me to pick from a range of styles and types.

The pizza was great, it was thin and crispy the way I like it. Susan was pleased that they had fresh mushrooms so it was a good meal experience. We’ve settled in on Sausage, mushroom, green pepper and onion (sometimes with pepperoni) as our go to pizza. They had used tiny peppers so we had quarter sized slices of pepper, good visual appeal on their part.

Our next move was divide up our efforts. I would go to Ormond Brewing Company and she would go to Publix. Ormond Brewing is in the back of an industrial park, when I would expect a brewery to be. I had low expectations on the tasting area, but was surprised to find a 10 seat bar inside and a huge area out back with tables and games (Giant Jenga anyone?).

The barman was nice, he set me up with their 12 beers that were on tap. I’ve gotten smarter on these tastings I’ve been taking my iPad with me to take notes on. So it’s easier to keep up with what I’ve had and how I liked it. They have a wide range of styles so it was fun tasting them and scoring them. The barman and I had good conversation about the beers.

One of their beers, Bootlegger, only comes in bottles and I was going to pass. But the barman decided to share one with the bar. It’s one of the new style of beers that brewmasters are aging in kegs that have had a pre-life, in this case Jack Daniels. It’s pretty good, with a hit of Jack vs the other ones I’ve tried that tasted like they dumped a bottle into the barrel.

Dinner was at Leahanns. It is a huge menu of items, if it comes from Asia you can order it. I got my favorite of shrimp black bean and cashews. Very good, if we come back to Daytona we will come back here.

We stopped by Mara Beel for a night cap and to say Goodbye. Mark and I shared some of his Tempelton’s Rye. It’s very good, it’s history is that it was Al Capone’s favorite during prohibition. We are heading off in the morning, the will be in Daytona for the rest of the week. They will catch up to us about South Carolina since they do longer days.