Cruising – Home at Last

8 March 2015

We docked in Ft Lauderdale and our “vacation from our vacation” is over. In two weeks we traveled 4033 miles, 375 miles more than we’ve done on the loop.

Ft Lauderdale → Half Moon Cay – 275 miles at 18 kts
Half Moon Cay → Grand Turk – 332 miles at 19.2 kts
Grand Turk → San Juan – 354 miles at 18.2 kts
San Juan → St. Thomas – 72 miles at 9.7 kts
St. Thomas → Ft Lauderdale – 975 miles at 15.9 kts
Week 2
Ft. Lauderdale → Half Moon Cay – 275 miles at 18 kts
Half Moon Cay → Grand Cayman – 728 miles at 18.5 kts
Grand Cayman → Costa Maya – 360 miles at 19.7 kts
Costa Maya –> Key West – 483 miles at 13.3 kts
Key West → Ft Lauderdale – 179 miles at 16.7 kts

Grand total 4033 miles. 6 of the 14 days the winds were 20+ knots, one day it was 25kts with gusts to 35. Happy to be on a much bigger boat! I’m also happy I’m not paying the fuel bill, they average 85 gallons per mile (that’s 0.012 MPG we get 1.2 miles to the gallon, a big difference). Burn was about 343,000 gallons or about $1.1 million for the trip. The Quo Vadimus could make it around the world 9 times on that amount of fuel.

We took a shuttle to the airport and then picked up the Keys Shuttle bus and about 3PM we were back on our boat. Super happy about how much fun the trip is, but we both face a mound of laundry to do. We are both pretty tired, it’s hard to do all that touring around.

We will rest up the next two weeks and then head out around the 21st.