Cruising day 9 – Half Moon Cay

2 March 2015

It’s our return to Half Moon Cay. We had been given the insider tip to get to the island early to get a good beach “clamshell” to shield us from the sun. We were on the first boat over and were able to get a great location near the beach entrances. Susan got a snorkel set and a floating pad, we were all set for the day.

We lounged around in the shade reading books and looking out into the lagoon of bright blue water. I went out to wade in the water. People had brought packs of breakfast cereal with them to feed the packs of angel fish. It was cool to watch the silver fish jump and snatch the brightly colored loops of cereal. (As an aside, when did Froot Loops become day-glo colors?)

Our only scheduled adventure for the day was an hour long ride on Sea-doos. We had great time zipping around in the lagoon. Once we knew what we were doing, we headed out into the ocean. It was a little bouncy out there, but once we got the timing of the waves it was fun to bounce over them. Coming back into the lagoon there was a good place and sets of waves to jump. I was able to get partially airborne. Top speed for me was 9500 RPM, just at 35 MPH. They are really a lot of fun.

Lunch was the island buffet, it was the same as our last visit with burgers, dogs, sausages and jerk chicken breast.

I hung out on the beach reading while Susan went and used the floar on the gentle waves. Towards our leaving time we went out and stood in the water watching the fish come around looking for more cereal. The day really reminded me of our days in Ocean City when the kids were little.

Once back on the boat we went to the pool area. Susan relaxed some in the hot tub and we both enjoyed a beer. Once we turned out of the shield of the Cay the wind picked up and the umbrellas started flying around the deck. I helped grab them before they crashed into the pool. With today’s excitement over it was time for a shower and sand free clothing.

We stopped by the “Sip and Savor” for a glass of wine and the appetizer of the day, a small toast round with bleu cheese, raisin and a walnut half. It was a very nice canapĂ©.

We had dinner on the third level of the Manhattan Restaurant. Susan had an interesting chevichie of salmon and tuna, I had the pepper pot soup to start. Our main courses were yellow tail snapper and an island spiced pork chop. Desserts were a mango sundae and a double chocolate (white and dark) mousse.

The show tonight started off with a toast to the ship by the Captain. The comic was what I’d consider old school, something you would have gone to in the 80′s. Some great laughs, but some real groaners.

Towel creation tonight was a lobster, lots of folds to bring out the texture.