Cruising Day 12 – Costa Maya, Mexico

5 March 2015

We started off the day with breakfast in the main dining room. It was a nice bright morning and we got a nice window seat.

After breakfast I went up to the crows nest to work on these blog posts. About 9:30 the members of Island Magic the steel pan show from last night. They did an hour long Q&A session. The most amazing thing is none of the four (or the three that proceeded them) can read music, they all do it from listening to the original music and memorizing the notes.

We were prepping for our day in Mexico the Captain announced that due to the wind (30 kts) and waves (2-3 meters / 6 – 8 feet) they would not be able to dock. The boat would be broadside to the wind and waves. While they would be able to dock, it would be hard to get the ship smoothly off the dock (I guess you can’t just rev up a cruise-liner). I suggested that they just move on to Key West, putting us there Friday afternoon, but the cruise line decided the casino profits were more important than us seeing a Key West sunset. Go figure.

We had a nice lunch in the main dining area. Susan when with the grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich. I had a shrimp quesodea and a trio of different smoked salmon. The salmon came with horseradish, a pretty interesting taste combination.

After lunch we played team trivia, where we lost and pictionary that we won at.

The rest of the afternoon was lost to reading and napping. Since the Captain has about 36 hours to go to Key West our average speed is 10 kts. The Quo Vadimus could do that, the only problem is the big waves.

By 5PM the waves have dropped and the water is flat. We joined two other people for Food Trivia. We won, our missing answers had to do with “What fat is good fat” and name the candy that was named for a 1900′s race horse (Lollypop). All the real cooking questions we nailed.

We also talked some about the boat food. We were all in agreement that the pop up Italian place is the best food on the boat.

Dinner was Les Halles French Onion soup for Susan and Chile Relanoes for me for the appetizers and “Rare English Roast Beef and Pudding” for our mains. The beef was good, but not quite as good as the Queens Pub in Toronto, billed as “Proper roast Sunday dinner.

After dinner Susan went to a movie and I went up to the Lido deck to read. Because of the revised times, the evening show was on the Lido deck, it’s the piano player from the lounge. He is a cruise ship regular, lots of the audience are regular listeners of his act in the piano bar.

He does old standards like “American Pie”, “Crocodile Rock”, “What a Wonderful World”, etc. The only drawback is I was seated near the bar, and of course bar people never shut up. I’ll never figure out why they have a need to chatter like monkeys when there is a concert going on.

Tonights towel creation is a small koala.