Crisfield MD

Part of our annual AGLCA Chesapeake Presentation is showing must stop places for Loopers coming up the Bay.

During Looper visits in 2023, I was told that Crisfield wasn’t really such a great place and in fact, Tangiers with the passing of Mr. Parks had fallen into disrepair.

Since I had a trip planned for Wallops Island VA, I thought I’d take a quick detour off to Crisfield to check it out.

Crisfield is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland at the MD/VA border. It was famous for it’s fishing, crabbing and oyster fleets. Sadly with Covid the fishing and crabbing have dwindled. As like most of Virginia, Maryland Oystermen are working on the large number of projects to rebuild the oyster beds. It’s paying off, they have planted over 10 billion oysters in a large number of beds across the bay. So the number of oysters will grow, and some will switch back to the harvest side.


When I was there I had brunch at the Water’s Edge Cafe. I had my goto Sausage Gravy on a waffle. The waffle was very crispy and the sausage gravy was loaded with meat. Total cost was $10 with a 20% tip.

I checked out the waterfront area. There are ferry boats that run 7 days a week weather permitting to Smith and Tangier Island. With Tangier marina facilities on the decline, these ferry’s may be the best way to see the islands.

The Captains I talked to said that there was a decent flow with people that live on the islands, but as of now ( mid-June 2023) tourist traffic was light. They were hopeful that with schools being closed for the summer that there would be more activity.


In Crisfield the place to stay is Somers Cove Marina. It’s a large facility with pump out, a nice bath house docks are in amazing shape. Downside is it’s about 8 block to the restaurants in town that are open.

On my way out of town, I got a crabcake from the Fisherman’s grill. It was very good, very little filler. They are closed Monday and Tuesdays (lack of help and not many Monday / Tuesday tourists) but have good hours the rest of the week.

Other than the small (4 block) shopping district at the entrance to Somers Cove there isn’t much else to see or do. I’d still recommend it as a 2 day stop with riding the ferry to the other two Islands in the middle.