Alton, IL

30 September 2014

Scott from Bloch’s service department came back this morning with cleaned transmission filters. He installed them and we loaded up with fluids and everything checked out 100%. So that’s taken care of for another 450 hours. That means that I still need to check the levels, but it’s not due to be changed until after I get home. Hard to believe that we’ve done 300 hours of time since we left home.

We reloaded the boat and I did last minute blogging. I’m now caught up as far as Grafton, IL. I had gotten behind with all the touring in Chicago and it snowballed. So if you are reading the blog, you can start with Chicago and move forward in time.

Lunch was leftover Pappy’s Smokehouse meats. Very good, really love the chicken.

We waited until UPS with my replacement nuts for the wipers, of course they were the wrong size. So I put an order in with McMaster on multiple sizes and hope that one of them fits. It’s annoying since on single parts price, they are $2.45 – $6.00 each.

On the way out of the marina we saw Toba They were the first loopers we met, our first time was in Cape May and then briefly in NYC. We will catch up with them in Alton.

The river ride down was calm, we just puttered along since we had lots of time to get there.

On the dock we were visited by the crew of Corkscrew. They started from Michigan, but they really live in Nashville. They will start on the loop full time next year. The Captain has lots of experience on the Tennesee Rivers and has done some here on the Mississippi. We will be traveling with them as far as Hoppies (our next stop) and do planning from there.

We went to a late dinner at “Gentelin’s on Broadway” with the crew of Toba. The food was very good, lots of interesting dinner and dessert choices. As always with Loopers great dinner conversation.

Part of the conversation about both our positive experiences with Bloch Marine Services. Both crews will make an effort to post gold starts in Active Captain.

It was fun, back home after Looper Midnight. The ride on Wednesday should be easy, two locks and 40 miles of river to Hoppies. A chance for me to meet the river sage, Fern, I’m excited.