Richmond Hill, GA

20 April 2015

Yesterday was a down day for both of us. We had been on the go since the first of April and even when we were not traveling, we were touring around, etc. So it was nice to take a day and do nothing. Yesterday’s blog post was one of the shortest I’ve done.

Today was a long day, 7 hours from St Simon Island to Richmond Hill GA. We went 57.6 miles via the Intercoastal Waterway, it would have been faster to go the outside route. Lots of twists and turns on the way.

Wildlife count was way up. We saw two alligators swimming in the water. One was very close to the boat, I thought it was a log and turned so I wouldn’t hit it.

Lots and lots of dolphins, but none wanted to come play. They were all busy feeding. Based on the sea gulls that follow us, I’m guessing that we stir up the bottom (shrimp maybe?) and they are down their munching away.

Today’s dock is Kilkenny Marina, it’s really a fishing camp set up just off the ICW. It’s older floating docks, but they have blistering fast Wi-Fi!

I think it will make it to the blog as the cover shot, the power pole here is very different. Along with the normal 50 and 30 amp twist locks there is also a 50 amp range / dryer and a regular 115 volt 20 amp receptacles. Power for everyone!

Did some minor work on the picture part of the blog, We are struggling with so many pictures and get them all organized has taken time.

Dinner tonight was porkchops, mashed potatoes and fried cabbage with onions in it. One of my favorite meals.

We are watching the tide come in, it runs about 9 feet per cycle, We’ll have some great pictures about that.