Manasquan NJ‏

3 May 2014 Partly Cloudy 55F
Time Location RPM Speed Fuel Distance
7:00AM Depart
8:00AM 5mi NNE Atlantic City 2,300rpm ~9.8kts 3.7gal 7.1nm
Seas calm with small rollers
9:30AM Surf City 2,300rpm ~10.1kts 13.1gal 23.1nm
Rollers at 8 second period. Rollers making it hard to fix a speed
10:00AM Barnegat Light 2,300rpm ~10.2kts 15.7gal 27.6nm
Decide to press on to Manasquan
11:00AM Laural Harbor 2,300rpm ~9.9kts 21.4gal 37.8nm
12:00PM Mantocoking 2,300rpm ~10.3kts 27.1gal 47.8nm
Winds starting to freshen up
12:30PM Dock and pump out
Summary elapsed 5.5hr ave 9.8kts 59.8gal 52.9nm
1059.3 10340.4 809.5 top 12.1kts 0.88mpg